The Art & Science of Efficiency

Last Friday, with the boys distributed around to friends and family, I booked in nice and early at 6am. I did the requisite interview and answered all questions duly. Then I was taken in to get changed and shown a lounge where I could sit with the other patrons who were also waiting and together we quietly watched a bit of morning tv. I even fell asleep.

They called my name and I moved through to the next area where a few more details were checked and before long, I was asked to come through to a small room. I joked with the staff there about enjoying my time at the day spa while they went about their work. I said that I expected to wake up with nothing less than cucumbers on my eyes. Told them how much I was looking forward to having a very relaxing sleep during the day, something that very rarely happens in my world.

I woke up 3 hours later. No drama, just minus a conveniently dispensable organ in my body. I spent the night on the ward. Surgeons gave me the OK to go home at about 9am. Four tiny cuts and a bit sore, I hardly need to use painkillers. The miracles of modern medicine.


4 thoughts on “The Art & Science of Efficiency

  1. We will have to book you into a proper Day Spa. My dear friend referred to visiting the Slopes Day Spa when she had chemotherapy. Resilient people like you and my friend have the ability to see the best and take rest when it comes in all shapes and forms.

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