I felt the need to post today because, being February 29, I won’t have the chance to do this for another four years. So here we go.

Today, as I went to pick up baby J from his cot after his afternoon nap, N followed me into the bedroom. When J looked up and saw his (foster) brother through the bars of his cot, he was so thrilled, his smile just burst out of him. They reached out towards each other and touched hands. I smiled and thought, ‘brothers!’

They are not related. They share no genetic code. They are from two very different cultures on opposite sides of the world. But here in my home, they are brothers. In the truest sense of the word. Bound by love.

It’s relatively early days for these two with J only 8 months old and N about to turn 2 (on Saturday). There’s a lot of wrestling and rough and tumble that goes with being brothers. Somehow through all that body contact, that pushing and testing their limits a bond is formed and it is formative.

Together with L, they make up my crew. My noises with dirt on them.

Then I read this beautiful, heartwarming and hopeful post from Try Defying Gravity

I hope you do too.

Here’s to brothers…happy leap year!

three brothers!


14 thoughts on “Brother!

  1. Could just image that moment between J and N. How delightful!
    Mr S was asking for a baby brother this afternoon. Yes sure no worries!
    I wonder what your three darlings will be doing in fours years time on Feb 29th?

  2. Thank you do much for linking to me! I’m honored!
    What a beautiful and tender moment with your boys. So glad you shared it and now you have a record of it forever.

  3. Thanks for this encouraging post and for commenting on my blog today. I added the link for the blog you recommended, but not for yours as you hadn’t included it in your comment. I will gladly if you want me too.

  4. Love this!
    Our three boys are all from different parents, but they are brothers. They love each other as brothers and it always brings a smile to my face when they have those moments where – even as feisty 5-7yr olds that love to fight and annoy one another – they show love for each other.

    My youngest (mine by birth) is 5 and has such a sweet “theory”. His theory is that he and his brothers were always brothers…and his dad was always his dad… we just didn’t know where they were for a while. (My husband and I met in 2010 when my youngest was 3.5yrs old.)

    • That is such a lovely way for your little guy to justify and explain his family. They absolutely are brothers! It’s so beautiful to see their relationships developing and deepening. Two of mine are only children and would never have had siblings, but here they are totally connected to each other.

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