When The Going Gets Tough

It’s been a tough week or so. I’ve been trying to let life settle into a predictable routine – and have made some progress there, but man oh man I’m feeling a bit tired.

L has a communication book that goes with him to school each day. It’s good to hear how he has been going and by all accounts, he’s doing great. Problem is after being such an angel all day, he’s ready to cut loose by the time he gets home and the devil in him emerges just in time for the arsenic hour. When I finally get him to sleep (after I’ve gotten the other two to sleep)… I’m a wreck.

I try to get him out into the back yard where he can play with water, jump on the trampoline, play in the sand etc. None of this will do, he’s straight onto N – pushing him over, pinching, scratching, spitting and screaming at the top of his voice. If I turn my back on him for a second, he’s at it again. So back to the hyper-vigilant, eyes in the back of my head, take him everywhere I go, room to room. Back to the blocking, the planned ignoring, the one warning only, the time in, the time out. But most important of all, the praise for good behaviour, those rare precious moments when he displays some self-restraint.

We started with a new OT this week, hoping they can provide some guidance. Well, he (yes…a he) saw the full gamut of behaviours. I didn’t intervene during the session, so L just escalated and escalated. The OT said ‘well, at least I got the opportunity to see him in action and I don’t have rely on just being told about what is happening’. So I guess that’s one positive thing.

I know it’s a phase. We’ve been here before. But I want the phase to be over. I want my lovely little boy back feeling settled, happy and calm.



2 thoughts on “When The Going Gets Tough

  1. thinking of you Rose. These transitions can be so tough. I hope the water/sand play helps and he finds his calmer happy gentle place again. In the meantime I hope you can get some rest too.

    I remember back to all those beautiful strategies you gave me.

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