20 Questions

First week of school for L. Normally with any big change like this he gets pretty anxious and he shows this in all kinds of ways that nobody really enjoys. This week (and I’d hate to jinx it) has been remarkably smooth.

A little bit unsure on day 1. But thanks to the year at AEIOU he is very familiar with the drop off ritual. So we followed that routine, it just happened to be in a different location. He was definitely happy to see me when I came to pick him up, but he’d had a great day. He sat well at the group table, followed directions, took his turn, eaten reasonably well and had started to get to know his 5 other classmates.

Day 5 (today) his teacher told me that they had done an activity around ‘what I did on my holiday’. Really? And what did he have to tell you about that? He had used both symbols and words to tell her that we had gone to the beach (oh yes we did!) that we had been on a drive (a truly hellish 4 hours each way) and that he’d had Christmas.

I would have loved to see what my face looked like at this point. I was floored! Amazed! Impressed! Overwhelmed! I LOVE SCHOOL and more than that I LOVE TEACHERS.

With his 5th birthday, I have started a tradition of asking him the same 20 questions each year. Something I hope that he can be more involved with as we go along. It’s a nice little snapshot of where he is right now. As the years go past it will also show how he’s changed, grown and matured. So here is 2012’s edition.


4 thoughts on “20 Questions

  1. How delightful to hear Levi responses to what he got up too in this holidays. Warms my heart reading these stories. All that amazing interaction you are giving him, he is going from strength to strength…..so glad you had a smooth week (except for the rain making pickup with three children difficult), may L continue to love his school, his class mates and teacher. I loved your 20 questions. might steal this idea too……x

    • Please do! I adapted it from someone else’s idea – someone who is much better at scrapbooking than me. Then I made it into an album and gave to a friend for her little (non-verbal) boy’s birthday with photos. She just loved it. You might have some other questions to ask too.

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