What Are You Doing?

Here’s a link to another film I am really looking forward to seeing when it is released later this year. It was written by a guy I used to work with almost 15 years ago – Michael Whelan. Michael also wrote a book about being a dad to a boy on the spectrum called The Other Country. When I read Michael’s book I realised that despite being an absolute pleasure to work with, he was going though a very torturous personal time following the autism diagnosis of his first son. Something he kept very private.

He chose to write a book. Something I think must have helped him enormously. And now he has written a film. Writing is such a wonderful vehicle for expression. We get to shape our thoughts, think deeply about what is important to us, our influences, contemplate life’s journey and I don’t know about you, but I feel a little more sane every time I publish a post.

Here’s the trailer.


5 thoughts on “What Are You Doing?

    • I tried to put the link in a comment for you and also failed! I’ll just have to write a post which recommends your blog and your book. But first I must get myself a copy and read it. Actually…don’t wait for that people – go and read Aileen!

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! Great trailer to what will no doubt be a great film! I really like that it’s upbeat and that it suggests that one should make an effort to look below the surface to get to know someone who’s on the spectrum!

    • There’s another really great Australian film called Black Balloon which came out a few years ago – worth a look. It a feature about a family who has two teenagers – one on the spectrum. Not that I’m obsessed with films about autism – but there are few and far between and it is good to see a quality production that tells the kind of stories we live.

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