Rainbow Beach

Dear Sarah,

Today I couldn’t help but think of you. We are on holiday and really having the best time.

This morning we hit the beach before 9. 5 kids, 3 adults all lathered in sunscreen with a whole pile of swimming/surfing gear. My big boys are just loving the waves which are quite rough and challenging but absolutely exhilarating. N is fearless and would happily walk off towards Fiji without worrying about another breath. L is more wary, but in a very healthy, normal way (amazing!). He hangs on as as the waves approach, he lifts one leg in the air as if to kick it away or to jump over it, squealing with delight, every sense open and activated.


Anyway, it’s just the kind of holiday you would love. We’re staying with friends at their family beach house. Simple, classic and totally relaxing. Good company for me and the kids. Cooking, wine, discussions about everything and nothing, deep blissful sleep, exhausted, happy kids.


We had an impromptu birthday party for L who is about to turn 5. Scavenger hunt in the back yard, a dancing competition – there were some pretty funky moves going on believe me, then a chocolate swirl (packet) cake.  Just too much fun all round.

You would love it here Sarah. Miss you.

lots of love from me


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