Darling Mummy

backyard fun in summer

Our friend O

We had a great day today. This morning L just couldn’t stop talking. He was copying nearly everything I said to him – words he’s never said before. I was baking banana bread and got him to help me with mashing the bananas.

Me: ‘We’re squishing the bananas, squish, squish, SQUISH!’

Him: ‘Squishing bananas!’

OK, this is good! Maybe we are going to have a good day today. He kept up with all the talking as we went over to visit with our friends and their (non-spectrum) kids. Lots to say, a bit pinchy and pushy, but had a lot of fun and managed himself pretty well all things considered. Ate his lunch. Oh yeah, we are definitely having a good day. Water play – the kids love it cos it’s fun and I love it cos it totally wears them out. An hour or so of running around naked in the dappled sunlight on a warm summer afternoon – happy boy.

Got home after picking up a bargain tray of organic mangoes (L’s favourite new food). Some quiet play, ate some dinner, bath, cleaned teeth and off to bed, all relatively painless. As we are lying on the bed and I’m doing my best NOT to fall asleep, L starts to talk to me.

Him: ‘L a good boy’

Me: ‘Yes darling, you were a very good boy today’

Him: ‘Not naughty’

Me: ‘No, you were good! You had fun with your friends didn’t you’

Him: ‘Darling mummy’

Me: ‘Darling L’

Him: asleep

Me: deep breath – we just had our first real conversation


4 thoughts on “Darling Mummy

  1. How beautiful, such a gorgeous boy, this must warm your heart immeasurably.
    Tonight my little princess was lying back in the bath singing to herself. Such beautiful music, soothing to a sad heart. May there be many more precious conversations. PS well done on staying awake…..

  2. Oh, my goodness what a precious post. Moments like this make life worth living and make everything feel right in the world. Thanks for joining my blog. I look forward to getting acquainted with you and your son through your stories.

  3. Thanks – it WAS a special moment! Sometimes things move along so slowly that you can barely notice any progress and then, all of a sudden something like that happens. It gives you such a surprise and is a great reminder of how those cogs just keep on turning whether we notice them or not.

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