Thank Goodness

There are somethings about raising a child with a disability that you simply can’t share with everyone. Not everyone would understand. Certain experiences simply would not elicit the compassion or the kind words, only the recoiling horror, terrified eyes and the truly genuine relief that it’s not them that has to deal with it.

The only people who you can truly share these gory details with are other families in the same situation, who have their own horrible experiences to share. Then, strangely enough you can have a good laugh about it. Thank goodness for that… and for hospital grade antiseptic wash (thanks Abbi).


3 thoughts on “Thank Goodness

  1. I LOVED THIS! Thank you for stopping by my blog recently—sorry I didn’t get to yours sooner! I want to tell you that I totally appreciate the first paragraph of this post! The wording is absolutely perfect! My wife and I say this kind of thing about events in our family’s life all the time, but you’ve said it better! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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