Laser Beak Man

I wanted to share this video with you. It presses lots of buttons for me – all good ones.

It is a profile about a very special person – Tim Sharp, a young man with autism who comes from my hometown of Brisbane. He has a wonderful artistic talent and has created the character Laser Beak Man. The film was directed by a friend and produced by the government department I used to work for (yes, occasionally government departments do something valuable and special).

Most importantly though, it shows (and gives me hope for my little guy) that we can all have a meaningful place in the world.

By the way, don’t you think it’s interesting that autistic and artistic and separated by only one letter.


2 thoughts on “Laser Beak Man

  1. How delightful. Very inspiring. Just loved watching the interaction between Tim and his mother. What a gorgeous young man. Watching him draw as well was incredibly captivating. So glad this pushed your buttons in positive ways, gave you hope, and also I am sure resonated on many levels with you. Your dear L has such a creative mother too, open, respectful, warm, loving, intelligent, resourceful, caring, patient and kind. To have a person in your life who believe in you, trusts in you, and is there always is the most precious gift of all. Thank you for sharing this post with us. I look forward to learning more about Tim Sharp.

  2. I just loved this video! I loved that they interviewed Tim and that he was so charming and funny. I loved that they interviewed his Mum and that she was so real and loving. Best of all – that when asked what makes him happy? Getting up in the morning and saying hello to Mum. Can’t beat that!

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