Under the Tree

Christmas rolling around again. I’ve been reasonably efficient in present buying this year and have minimised my time in shops by shopping either through N’s child care centre’s fundraising catalogue and also through a little online browsing.  So I thought I’d share some of my fabulous finds.

Fostering babies means that you are responsible for taking photos of them as they grow, keeping all their special little things like id tags from hospital, the outfit they wore home from hospital, any cards or presents they are given and keeping track of all their milestones – just like a regular mother would. However, when it comes to putting it all together in a ‘baby book’ well…I’ve never been able to find a book that really suited their circumstances.

Usually, all you have to do is open the first page and there you find something like – ‘a picture of me inside mummy’s tummy’ or, ‘the day mum & dad discovered I was on my way’. Turn the page and there’s something like ‘My family tree’ …there’s usually way too many unanswered questions for that one. And on it goes. So, no…no baby books for my babies.

Guess what I found?? Oh yes I did! The very clever, sensitive and creative Kate at gadanke makes beautiful handmade journals titled ‘You Are Loved’ and which prompt you to write about so much more than the cold hard facts. So I’ve  got one of these under the tree for J. This will be something he can treasure forever.

Now for that elusive present that you can buy in quantity, not too expensive, unique, somewhat arty and which everyone will have a use for. Problem solved at todryfor . Some of you who read this are getting this present. So shield your eyes, or indulge yourself trying to work out which one I have got for you. No more info – either go to the site and be delighted or don’t. It’s up to you.

That’s it for now. I’m off to a mummy’s night out. Rare, precious.


One thought on “Under the Tree

  1. I love your links Rose. Great sourcing. How precious for J to have a journal about his beginnings, to capture his life, and milestones. J will treasure this in years to come. I hope your mummy’s night out was fun.

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