What I meant was…

Just thought I’d better let you know…for those of you who read my ‘dear neighbour’ post, that I actually have some wonderful neighbours and that the only person who is actually concerned with all the screaming coming out of my house – is me.

It is one of the wonders of the internet that, even though I deleted this post, the morning after I’d written it, that for those of you who are subscribed, you are still able to access it – even though I can’t. Mysterious.

Anyway, we are all fine and in fact had a fabulous weekend which was made even more wonderful by L who is wee’ing in the toilet like a professional, having virtually no accidents and only using a nappy at night. Words can’t describe how happy that makes me. I could just scream!




2 thoughts on “What I meant was…

  1. I loved your Dear Neighbour post. I remembered back to closing windows in the house due to loud meltdowns. So great you live in a supportive community. I guess the Neighbours may be those people we stumble across in life who don’t know our story and make assumptions. I love how you stay regulated through it all, your calm, present nature provides such a safe container for your little ones to express themselves. May you get more Mummy nights out, and time out to recharge and fill up your tank.

    • Thank you! Yes, well, none of the kids have any problem expressing themselves. I’ve spent years helping L to speak and now…a bit of shoosh every now and then wouldn’t go astray. Why is life like that?

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