Who Was Rude?

Ok people, I need your input here. I had an interesting moment today, one that got the blood simmering for about a minute.

I took the three boys on a shopping expedition. First we had lunch (Hanichi japanese curry – which the 2 older boys love), followed by a successful toileting adventure (first day ever where L did not wear a nappy at all AND had no accidents – sweet!!!!) then a little shopping. So not too long in the mouth of the beast (suburban shopping mall).

When we go shopping I chose to use a single stroller for N, put the baby in a sling and L walks. I’ve tried all kinds of combinations and this one is the easiest while the baby isn’t too heavy. Anyway, it was a stinking hot afternoon and we were just back to the car when I heard a horn beeping behind me. I turned around and an older woman was gesturing at me. I had no idea what she was going on about, I hadn’t dropped anything, I didn’t know her, so I turned back to start unloading. She beeped again.

I was hot and had been schlepping my 9k sleeping bub around and just wanted to get the kids in the car and turn the air-con up high. So when I turned around (not easy since I had two titanium rods inserted on either side of my spine 18 months ago) and she was waving at me to walk over to her car about 15meters away. This is how it transpired:

Me: “What do you want? Can’t you see I’ve got three little children here? If you want something from me, come over to ME.’ Her: ‘Well!!! I WAS going to offer you a double pram that I have in the car’. Me: ‘I would never have known that by the way you were beeping me.’ Her: ‘Well I can’t leave my car’ Me: shrug and continue getting the kids in the car. Her: drives away in a huff.

What got me all riled up was that she obviously thought I should be incredibly grateful for her fabulous generosity. Now, I know I’m a bit of a slob and I definitely do not dress up to go shopping, but if I wanted a double pram I would go and buy one. She was mad at me – for what? Not wanting her cast offs? I’m trying to get rid of my junk, not add to my seemingly insurmountable pile.

Anyway, what do you think? Was I rude? Or was she?

P.S.: Ruth – I drove past you as you were walking away from the centre – almost beeped you, but was already well past you by the time I realised it was you! Lucky I didn’t given what happened above!




7 thoughts on “Who Was Rude?

  1. Why couldn’t she get out of the car?
    You were much politer than I would have been in the circumstances … a “bird” would have been one of my first offerings!

  2. Beeping is rude full stop but to then offer a weed in secondhand pram in this weather is outrageously rude and to expect you to go to her and get it and be grateful (you can see how I feel no punctuation) Jo

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