A Big Week

It has been a big week for all of us, but the bigness I want to tell you about is my darling little boy. Last week he:

  • made his first sentence ‘I want dummy!’ (see below)
  • did 3 wee’s in the toilet on the one day
  • is using his words more spontaneously
He has also been:
  • climbing (woke up to find him straddling the window sill and he keeps climbing up onto the cupboard so that he can go nose to nose with the faces on the tv screen mounted on the wall)
  • eating – trying a few items not usually acceptable
  • playing with others – yes, really
Don’t get me wrong, he has lots of challenges (and therefore so do I) on a daily basis. He is totally obsessed with a dummy on a chain at the moment, wanting to hold it up to the light and flick it endlessly. I’m trying to find an appropriate replacement for this but no luck yet (it’s got to have the perfect set of attributes to win him over). But I’m so excited for him to be making all this progress in so many areas.

One thought on “A Big Week

  1. What a clever boy. How very exciting. Big on many levels. All that wonderful guidance you have given, love, trust, consistency, are the perfect recipe for trying new things out in a safe way. Good luck finding a replacement item. If you do let me know.

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