How Do You Say Goodbye?

First post – something close to the heart.

One of the first things we learn to do as a child is to wave goodbye and throughout our lives we are constantly saying goodbye to the people we love. Most of the time we do this knowing that we will see them again soon, talk to them, send them an email, a birthday card and have all the normal connections and reminders of our love for each other.

Foster families have the very special task of learning to say goodbye to our kids, sending them off with love, with great hope for their futures and no expectations of ever getting to see them again.

We all cope with this difficult, often sad and sometimes disheartening process in different ways. Some of us need a break before taking on the next placement, others find that the new child or young person who comes into their lives helps them to move their focus onto new challenges.

Leading up to the day they leave our homes, our feelings go on hold while we put our energy into supporting the child through this big change in their lives. But suddenly they are gone and you are left with that empty space where a child used to be.

Through our experiences and training we build our personal repertoires and rituals.  We look for ways to acknowledge these kids and our connection to them.

I’ve got a few of my own and plan on telling you all about them as I get into the blogging world but would love to hear of anyone else out there and the things they do say goodbye.


Your thoughts?

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